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Kicking off this episode with some rather atmospheric experimental beats, including a track off the new DJ Shadow album. Elsewhere in the mix things start to heat up. I play a new track from the Bag Raiders, which is a name perhaps not normally associated with the sounds of this podcast, but provides a nice precursor into some heavy club territory.
Some heavy late eighties throwback Hip hop joints in this episode, including the fierce Powercut II cut-up that uses the magic Disco Machine sample, plus a selection of tunes built around Dennis Coffey's "Ride Sally Ride" sample.
Heavy selections with this latest episode, that travels around all styles, all eras, and all tempos.
Prince would have wanted us all to move on..
Kicking off this episode with a couple of classics from one of Reggae's surviving pioneers Johnny Osbourne, who is scheduled to land in Australia next week for his first tour down under. I keep on the reggae vibe for a minute with a track off the new DJ Vadim album before heading into a heavy 80s Hip Hop set with plenty of raw drum machine sure shots. I detour slightly into some classic 70s rock before settling into some new release soul joints from the likes of SWV, Cool Uncle, and Brian McKinght - But not before ending with some…
Last month marked the fourteenth year of this Groove Therapy podcast, so I thought it appropriate to change it up slightly by giving the series some new cover art. The usual collage of nine albums that used to make up each episodes cover has run its course. There are now a bunch of other non-descript podcasts who use that same motif, so I wanted to give the cover art a more striking and recognizable look, allowing me to highlight my feature pick for each episode - and for this mix that honor has to go to Missy Elliot who just…