The Empire State

The Empire State

As part of the 45 RPM tour I recently visited the Empire State New York to spin a few 45s, and of course fit in a bit of record shopping. First stop was out in Brooklyn to play at the Bionic Boogie Sessions, run by my man Cam Run, an ex-pat Australian who is now doing big things in NY. He runs a great weekly spot that caters for anyone into good music - with a host of visiting Aussie's either behind or infront of the turntables to make you feel right at home.

Big shout out to Cam Run for also taking me through to some of the record spots in Brooklyn, including the massive record basement known as The Thing - a write of passage for any visiting record diggers to New York simply for its shear size. The walls are lined with shelves and crates fill every available space, to the extent that you will find yourself literally climbing over records to discover what lies hidden in its many dusty alcoves.

Bionic Boogie Sessions

Next stop was a DJ set at the infamous Mobile Mondays run by Rebecca Lynn, Natasha Diggs and Operator Emz - New York's premier night dedicated to playing 45s, and regulary visited by many heavy weights in the local scene. On this particular night I shared the turntables with King Shameek who many old schoolers will remember as the driving force behind the classic Do It To The Crowd by Twin Hype (amongst many other legendary cut up classics).

King Shameek carved up a selection of classic breakbeats using doubles of pretty much everything - Big props!. Natasha Diggs went in with a set of original Hip Hop 45s (no re-releases), with the room errupting like it was 1986 all over again - and even Just Blaze swung by to do the closing set of the night pulling out an awesome routine using The Art Of Noise. 

Mobile Mondays - Just Blaze

Shan Frenzie & King Shameek at Mobile Mondays

King Shameek at Mobile Mondays

Shan Frenzie & Miss Rebecca Lynn at Mobile Mondays

Big shoutouts to everyone I met on the night, including my dude Sticky Dojah from Germany (Now based in the big apple), The Record Man Dan, and a big thankyou to the Undercover Brother who laced me with doubles of his latest release, which features two classic Salsoul joints released on 45 for the first time.

Undercover Brother

Shan Frenzie

Shan Frenzie

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