The Shan Frenzie 45 RPM tour is well under way. First stop was Oakland California, to catch up with old friend DJ Platurn who runs the Bay Area's premier 45's night, The 45 Sessions. On this particular night I shared the headline with Canada's chief rocker The Gaff. Big shout outs to the Oakland Faders deejays Platurn & Enki for holding down such a great night, and also to resident DJ Delgado who took the night off to make room for the nights guests, but came to hang out anyway.

This is an interview I've wanted to do for a long time, and honestly I'm not sure how I can introduce who I consider one of the hardest working men in the industry, Brisbane's DJ Katch. The central figure behind Australia's most successful Hip Hop band Resin Dogs, owner of Hydrofunk records (who at one stage or another has housed legendary Australian acts such as Def Wish Cast and Koolism), Radio presenter, Event promoter - He's been in the game for as long as I can remember. Infact, even when I was first getting into deejaying in the mid eighties, in a city almost two thousand kilometers away Katch's name was already synonymous with the Brisbane Hip Hop scene.

The the end of a great music year now behind us, I take a look back at five mixtapes from 2013 that recieved heavy rotation here at the Groove Therapy studios.

In 2004 Sydney nightlife was well and truly dominated by commercial electro music. I was a resident deejay at Kink, the biggest club night in town where I was fast becoming pigeon holed as a new school breakbeat deejay. I had already been playing that sound since the late nineties, and Sydney had recently tossed aside it's brief fascination with the genre. The interest was waning. Perhaps more so on my part as I yearned to get back to the more funkier side of my deejay roots. Whilst circling the back streets of Kings Cross looking for an increasingly rare car space, we kept passing an intriguing building on the corner of Kellett Street. Amira would point it out and exclaim "We really should check that place out".

One of the most anticipated Hip Hop tours of all time finally made it's way to Sydney. Big shout out to Vic and Blunted for giving me the opportunity to not only DJ at the show, but also DJ for the group. I couldn't really say why they didn't have their own DJ, but when I was asked to take the job on for one of my all time favourite Hip Hop groups it was a bit of a no-brainer. Mind you, I already had an inkling of what might occur on the night, given that I deejayed for the Dr Octagon show in 2012 (which was a ludicrous performance that left many people scratching their heads afterwards) - and right away my mind started ticking with ideas to better the situation.