Groove Therapy tribute to Rod Temperton

Groove Therapy tribute to Rod Temperton

Rod Temperton might be the greatest song writer of the modern age who was largely unknown to the general public. Not only was he responsible for penning Michael Jackson's biggest hits (including Thriller), he worked intimately with Quincy Jones to establish the iconic sound of the Quest label, and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry creating a huge catalog of amazing records and number one hits.

  1. Heatwave - Lay It On Me
  2. Heatwave - Super Soul Sister
  3. Quincy Jones - The Dude
  4. Heatwave - Ain't No Half Steppin'
  5. Bob James - Sign of the times
  6. Heatwave - Send Out For Sunshine
  7. Rufus And Chaka Khan - Live In Me
  8. James Ingram - One More Rhythm
  9. Bob James - The Steamin' Feelin'
  10. Patti Austin - Love Me To Death
  11. Heatwave - Lettin' It Loose
  12. Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine
  13. The Manhattan Transfer - Spice of Life
  14. Heatwave - Jitterbuggin'
  15. Donna Summer - Hurts Just A Little
  16. George Benson - Give Me The Night
  17. Herbie Hancock - Motor Mouth
  18. Heatwave - Eyeballin'
  19. Heatwave - State to state
  20. Michael Mcdonald - Sweet Freedom
  21. Rufus And Chaka Khan - Masterjam
  22. Michael Jackson - Burn This Disco Out
  23. James Ingram & Michael McDonald - Yah Mo B There
  24. Michael Jackson - Burn This Disco Out
  25. Quincy Jones - Turn On The Action
  26. Heatwave - Put The Word Out
  27. Heatwave - The Groove Line
  28. Brothers Johnson - Stomp
  29. Quincy Jones - Razzamatazz
  30. Herbie Hancock - Gettin' To The Good Part
  31. Patti Austin - The Genie
  32. George Benson - Off Broadway
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